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What we do?


Our company is constantly evolving and growing with innovative solutions in non-conventional energy. We provide wide range of products and services. Our mission is to provide the best solution in energy field that helps everyone to get right solution.

Plants use the sun's energy in photosynthesis, cleaning our air and providing fresh oxygen. Solar energy is renewable, meaning we can never run out of sunshine! By harnessing energy from natural renewable sources like the sun, dependence on more environmentally harmful sources such as oil and coal can be decreased.


India has got the ability to generate over 1,900 billion units of solar power annually, which is equal to the entire annual power demand till 2030. The future of Indiadepends on achieving the ambitious solar powergeneration target of 100 GW by 2022.


  • The Government of India is fully dedicated to make India a 100% EV nation by 2030 that led to a sharp rally in stock of companies with an exposure to EVs.
  • Electric vehicles (Cars, Buses) will be the future of our country because very soon the running cost of the vehicle could be around 20 to 30 paise per km and can attain the speed of 40-50 km per hour.
  • Its cost will be so much less that People will soon shift from petrol/Diesel vehicles to electric vehicles.
  • Future electric car will use solar charging station and solar power.

Environment friendly energy solutions


About us

Stella Solar Energy is the cross brand of Imperium Solar. Understanding the future of Solar energy solution requirement, Stella is working passionately to it's achieve environmental goal. Stella Solar Enegry provide the energy solution with grass-root level. By providing innovative solution to electronic and energy market Stella is growing and expanding day by day. Stella is fully focused on the task of minimizing cost of system and to improve efficiency of project. This is achieved through planning, design and installation systems integrated with scientifically designed, carefully engineered and calibrated to efficiently handle the complete resources.  

Core Values

  • Trust & Integrity

  • Honesty

  • Work together - win together

  • Customer oriented focus

  • Innovation

  • Respect

Core Purpose

To make our mother earth Green Rich Healthy



To make 1000 Green Rich Healthy town and villages by 2030

Our vision is to be a globar leader in non-conventional industry providing cost-effective, sustainable, environment friendly, innovative energy solutions and finite power supply. To produce the world's best products, service and exprience in terms of quality, price and performance.

Products & Services

We have wide range of solar products.


DC System: It contains solar home light system, solar DC LED tube and bulb, Solar DC Fan, Solar Battery, Solar charge controller, Solar panels, Solar emergency light, etc.It is used at village home, farm house, poultry, etc.


Solar Hybrid/Offgrid System: It contains solar panel, solar inverter and battery. This system is used where there is no electricity or shortage of electricity. It is also used for back-up and electricity bill saving purpose. Used at home, hospital, shops, offices, school etc.


Solar Grid-Tie System: This system contains solar panel and grid interactive inverter. This is battery-less system. This system is mainly used to save electricity bill. No battery - no maintenance cost. These are used at home, shops, commercial spaces, hospitals, factories, petrol pump, colleges, etc.


Solar Water Pump: The solar power is converted into electricity and it directly run the water pump fitted at open well or bore well. It is battery-less system. It pumps water from morning to evening. It is used for agriculture and other regular water pumping purpose.

We provide various costomized services regarding solar as

  • Installation and commissioning 
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Designing and engineering
  • Solar Megawatt Power Plant Consultation, PPA
  • Energy Audit & Energy Trading
  • Customize product development

DC Systems

Complete Solar Home Light System

Solar DC Table Fan & Ceiling Fan

DC LED Tube & Bulb

Solar Charge Controller

Solar Panel

DC System: It contains solar home light system, solar DC LED tube and bulb, Solar DC Fan, Solar Battery, Solar charge controller, Solar panels, Solar emergency light, etc.It is used at village home, farm house, poultry, etc.

Solar Off-Grid System

Solar Off-grid system contains solar panel, solar inverter and battery. Solar panel produces electricity and stores it in the battery at day time and the electricity can be used in form of AC to run home appliences at day or night time. The configuration of the system can be determined by considering the power consumption of equipments and running time. This system is used mainly where there is no or less electricity, as back-up purpose.

Main Components

  • Solar Panel

  • Solar Inverter or Solar PCU

  • Battery Bank

Solar grid tie system mainly contains solar panel and solar grid interactive inverter. If panel generates more electricity than requirement then grid interactive inverter use the electricity for domestic use and remaining electricity feeds back to grid else the electricity is taken from gid for domestic use. The transaction of electricity is recorded by net meter or gross meter. This system is mainly used to reduce the electricity bill. This system is mostly used where there is low power cut or regular power supply availabel.


Application: Home, Warehouses, Hospitals, Colleges, Commercial Shops, Factories, Airports, Malls, Petrol Pumps, etc.



Solar Grid-Tie System

Solar Water Pumping System

Solar Water Pump System is the perfect solution to pump the water from water sources at various places where there is lack of electricity. The solar panel generates electricity from sun rays, this electricity is converted into suitable form by solar pump controller to run the water pump directly. This system does not contain battery so no maintenance, no replacement expences for battery. 

Main Components:

  • Solar Panel

  • Solar Pump Controller



This system is mainly used in the agricultural farms, where no electricity available of there is lack of electricity. If there is need of contineus pumping of water then this system is feasible. 


It can be used at agriculture, socity, factories, water pumping stations, dam, industrial area, etc.



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